The Scrappy Storyteller’s Manifesto

I believe that stories, like stitches, are still best made by hand.
The purest expression of art is personal labor guided by love.

I believe that improvisation is the essence of imagination.
Life unfolds piece by piece; why shouldn’t stories unfold that way, too?

I believe that this moment is all I have.
I choose to live, love, and make the things that matter to me—right now.

I believe that whatever I have on hand is exactly what I need.
I look around me for inspiration in the unlikely and the everyday materials.

I believe the pattern shows up when I do.
When I lay down the first piece, I know where to lay the next one.

I believe that my way is what I have to give.
My daily practice is the essence of who I am; it cannot be altered to suit a fashion.

I believe that truth comes from a place of trust.
The more I follow my voice, the more authentically I speak.

I believe that Intuition is my muse.
The straightest lines are drawn without a ruler, the truest colors chosen in the dark.

I believe that beautiful means colorful, which (sometimes) means mismatched.
True genius is not finding better pieces to work with, but better piecing the ones you have.

I believe that the process is the point.
My journey
is my destination. The story is happening now, and I get to be in it.

I believe that growth is the highest measure of success.
Every project serves a purpose because every project has something to teach.

I believe that the tale will become what I make it.
No one else is going to tell my stories, so I had better get started.

*  *  *

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