The League of Marvelosities


The League of Marvelosities is a steampunk “novel in pieces” with quilted illustrations. The story began releasing in serialized form, one chapter every two weeks, on November 18, 2015. Each chapter is illustrated by one quilt square, which will then be assembled into a single large story quilt when the entire serial has finished running

Read the current chapters here, or continue to the synopsis (below):

Chapters Released to Date

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In The League of Marvelosities, we’ll enter the City of Clutch, a meritocracy where citizens are divided into three classes based on their individual abilities: the Marvelous, The Curiosities and the Ordinary.

While the elite Marvelous and Curiosities, collectively known as The Marvelosities, hold all the power, the many Ordinary struggle to make ends meet. A system once designed to ensure everyone in town had a fair chance at power has devolved into a charade where children of wealth alone are equipped to pass the difficult initiation into the ranks of The Marvelosities.

Now, the Ordinary have had enough. Simmering discontent is just about to boil over, and Clutch stands on the brink of chaos; that is, until spunky Miranda Gauge is born into one of the oldest and proudest families of The Marvelosities. Will Miranda’s unusual gifts be recognized for their potential to heal the town? Or will her true value go overlooked, destroying not just her family’s fortunes but all of Clutch with them?

The cover is hand-stitched applique from my grandmother's quilt. The antique photograph was found in the walls my 1890s home.

The Cover of the League of Marvelosities is hand-stitched applique from pieces of my husband’s grandmother’s quilt. The antique photograph was found in the walls of my 1890s home.

The League of Marvelosities is a whimsical, heavily-embellished romp in true steampunk style, held together with antique cloth and a whole lot of love. Each of the illustrations features “pieces” from my life or those of friends, bringing many stories together into one larger tale.

Even if you’re ordinary, you still can be one of a kind. November 18th, please join me and Miranda as we dare to entangle ourselves with The League of Marvelosities.

Learn more about the inspiration behind the project, the family heirlooms I’m using and an update on the quilted illustrations.

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