The world is a toxic wasteland wrapped in darkness. Only one human city remains: Aurelia, a steam-powered fortress that relies on its own manmade ecosystem—and the minerals of the mountain beneath it—for survival. But on the eve of the city’s 1,000th anniversary, something goes terribly awry. Aurelia may be on the brink of collapse, unless her bitterly-divided citizens can work together to find a long-lost source of power.

Aurelia’s story was originally told as a live action collaborative storytelling adventure. Part role play, part improv, and part social channel, AURELIA invited anyone, anywhere in the world, to create a character and help steer the ongoing saga to its (loosely-plotted) conclusion.

The show enjoyed a two season run with 30 actors from North America and Europe, wrapping in October 2013. (Unfortunately our host platform Theatrics has since closed its doors, so the show site is no longer online.) The Scrappy Storyteller is currently working on a multimedia experimental novel based on the original story of Aurelia.


Curious about what a “collaborative storytelling experience” is really like? Enjoy this behind-the-scenes interview with The Scrappy Storyteller:

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