A resourceful approach to imagination


Once upon a time . . .

There lived a writer who wanted help telling her stories. When she wrote a book, she looked for an illustrator. When she wrote a graphic novel, she looked for an artist. When she pursued her “big break,” she looked or a publisher. Yet somehow, she never seemed to find the help she wanted.

Then one day, the writer realized that what she really needed was not help, but courage. She was already smart enough and skilled enough to make her dreams come true … if only she would roll up her sleeves and use what she had on hand.

Hello. I’m Lisa England: writer, maker and resourceful self-starter. This is my story. 

Today I write and illustrate all my own steampunk and fantasy stories, sharing them here on my blog a piece at a time. My tools are words, traditional media, fiber and sewing notions. I source materials from my stash in a teeny tiny apartment in downtown Milwaukee, or from local thrift stores and friends’ closets. 

I hope this chronicle of my self-reliant journey inspires you to start one of your own. Because true imagination is not about perfection, mastery or applause. It’s about seeing what you’ve already been given—and choosing to believe it’s all you need.

4 thoughts on “A resourceful approach to imagination

  1. Good morning Lisa, I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award because you show great versatility here on your blog and I so admire you and all you have achieved and continuing to do so by rising up to the challenges presented to you with your diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

    Oh, and I asked my daughter about steampunk and she knew all about it! Something I’ve learnt through you and now her too, I had no idea! I really look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog.

    Here is the link for the award: http://sherrimatthewsblog.com/2013/11/13/first-frost-melts-in-the-heat-of-dragons-loyalty-award/

    Have lovely day and congratulations 🙂


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