Scrappy Storytellers, what should we do together?


If we are all scrappy storytellers, then how can we encourage each other to greater resourcefulness? And wouldn’t doing that actually make a difference for all of us?

Over the past few months, I’ve delved deeper into what it means to be a scrappy storyteller. Last week I shared a side of Scrappy I myself hand’t really been willing to face.   

The post was amazingly well-received, despite its more “belligerent” tone. A number of readers responded especially well to the idea that we are all scrappy storytellers. Which leads to the natural question, “Should there be a way for us to connect with and encourage each other?”

I believe the answer is “yes,” and so do some of you who read this blog.

Which leads me to introduce my first-ever Scrappy Storyteller poll.

If you believe you’re a Scrappy Storyteller—someone whose creativity is cut from a different cloth, and who will stop at nothing to get you work out there—would you share your thoughts with us?

If you answered “no,” thank you for your time! If you answered yes, here are two follow-up questions. Please check all that apply.

I cannot promise you what the results of this survey will lead to, or what form it will take. But I believe with all my heart that where creative people gather, change can happen. Maybe it’s time for Scrappy Storytellers to unite!

Let’s find out what that means together.

What do you think?

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