Art of the Week: Charles MacIntosh Window

As a steampunk fan, I’ve also become fascinated with the Arts & Crafts Movement and real-life Victorian fixations with romanticized medieval culture. This fascination will likely appear in future graphic novels and art of mine. Right now, I’m enjoying experimenting with art styles from this era and movement, as well as its companion, Art Nouveau.


The original MacIntosh window that inspired my exploration.

This week’s piece is watercolor and india ink from a stained glass window design by Charles Rennie MacIntosh. He’s famous for his connections to the Glasgow School of Art and his signature rose designs—one of which is in my piece. Don’t miss his amazing illustrations, either!

Here are a couple to whet your appetite:

This project helped me discover the amazing technique of stretching watercolor paper before using it, so it doesn’t bubble so much when it gets wet. I also realized that Higgins Black Magic (which I used in this project) isn’t the right india ink for me. Higgins is NOT waterproof as it claims to be! I switched to A and am immensely happier. You can see the subtle bleeding in my image, which quit as soon as I switched to Speedball.

What do you think?

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