Alethia Grey – Episode 28


In our last episode, Alethia Grey secured her own room with the power of entry and exit. Get the next episode below, or read the entire comic from the beginning.

To enlarge the image, simply click on it. A new window will open; size your screen up or down (Ctrl + or – on a PC, Apple + or – on a Mac) to enlarge/shrink the image.


Det-Sgt-Marie-OwensHISTORICAL NOTE: Marie Owens was a real person — now understood to be the first woman to join a U.S. police force. In 1891, Mrs. Owens took the role of detective sergeant (with full arrest powers) after her husband passed, leaving her with five children to support. She primarily handled women witnesses, victims and suspects (whom male police officers found it difficult to gain the trust of) and enforced child labor laws. Unfortunately, Mrs. Owens’s contributions were mixed up in the history book with another woman, and she went down in history as a policeman’s wife, not as police herself. Only in recent decades was the mistake rectified. Read more about this fascinating woman.

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