Alethia Grey – Episode 22


In our last episode, Agent Morse refused to answer the questions of his interrogator, Alethia Grey. Today, he reveals why. Enjoy the next episode below, or read the entire comic from the beginning.

To enlarge the image, simply click on it. A new window will open; size your screen up or down (Ctrl + or – on a PC, Apple + or – on a Mac) to enlarge/shrink the image.


4 thoughts on “Alethia Grey – Episode 22

  1. Argh! You got me. I didn’t see it coming. You built up my emotions for her escape and hope in her turning the tables, but then…SURPRISE Steampunk Style. I can’t wait to see the short film version of the story. An award winner, I’m sure. BTW, when can I buy the graphic novel?


    • CJ – I am SO pleased you were surprised! I take that as the highest of compliments. You’ll be able to buy this volume at the end of the year. But don’t worry, the story isn’t over yet. 😉


      • I’ll look forward to more of the story, which I knew was coming due to standard 32-page signatures. 🙂 However, I had to say something about your great sequence and turning point, which in of itself would make a great short film. I’m luv’n this Scrappy Storyteller’s stuff!


      • THANK YOU so much for sharing your thoughts as you were moved to do. It means the world, and helps me to know that others are enjoying these adventures as much as I am. (Sometimes I wonder if it’s all in my head … which it is … but is not … oh my!) I am actually super stoked to start working on the next book because I get to bring locations from my neighborhood into the story. This weekend, Nathan and I are going to stay at a bed & breakfast in Lake Geneva that is the model for Alethia’s house, Grey Point. I’ll be snapping reference photos galore.


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