5 More Free Fonts for your Steampunk Projects

Dear friends,

I promised you July would be packed with amazing free creative resources, and here’s you’re next “care package.” Last week we explored five fonts suitable for steampunk projects. Today here are five more that I rely on.

This quintet of type are a fun mixture of the eclectic, the precise and the whimsically hand-drawn. Love ’em and use ’em liberally for your own projects—but don’t forget to check and abide by individual creator’s usage guidelines. Some are free for personal and commercial use, others only for personal use. One or two may request a donation to the designer for ongoing use.



As a hand-drawn typeface, I love the quirkiness of the styling and its inventive mixture of curls and serifs. Can’t you just see this font gracing a steampunk character’s private journal or lettering a sign in a cloud-borne city of airships? Grab this gem of a font here—and don’t forget to thank the creator Sean, who’s made his handiwork available for free!

Download Firefly here.

Handwriting Draft


What steampunk project would be complete without engineers and architects galore? And can’t you see them just loving this precise font. The opposite of Firefly, this typeface’s clean lines and draftsman-like touches are perfect for the laboratories and finer scientific establishments in your steampunk world.

Download Handwriting Draft here.



Looking for a font with that ink-stained fabulousness of a sordid signed confession or furtive love note? Look no further than Velvet, which balances elegant lines with artful blotting that gives the whole font an energetic feel. Use it for those mock letters and posts in your steampunk world, or perhaps for invitations to high tea.

Download Velvet here.



For those of you into jazzpunk or art deco, Fortunaschwein is a great choice. This hand-lettered font looks like a Mucha fairy world and would be just the thing to grace your next William Morris-inspired project, too. With unpredictable curls and lines just south of straight, Fortunaschwein has a charm of its own.

Download Fortunaschwein here.

Type Keys


Looking for an unusual font suitable for headers and subheaders, or to grace signage? Type Keys is a fun font that combines the old-fashioned aesthetic of the typewriter with the decorative flourish of the actual “key” itself. I love this font for calling out important ideas or information within a text of traditional sans-serif font.

Download Type Keys here.

Which of these is your favorite? I hope you’ll let me know in the comments below. And please also share your favorite fonts for retro-futuristic projects.

As a girl with a serious weakness for a great typeface . . . I’m all ears!

Because everything’s better with steam,


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