5 Free Fonts for your Steampunk Projects

Dear friends,

I have to make a confession: I collect fonts like (some) other women collect shoes. While I make no claim to typographic authority, I know what I like. And in my experience, nothing levels up a project’s quality than the right typeface.

For great deals on fonts for personal and commercial use, I look no further than Design Cuts. I LOVE their deals. In fact, all of the textures, do-dads and sparkles on today’s images are from one of their recent rock-bottom bundles.

But you don’t have to go broke buying type, either. There are plenty of wonderful free options. And that’s what this series is all about.

This month, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite steampunk-esque typefaces, along with links for you to download and use them, too. And along the way, I’d love to hear which typefaces you use for your Victorian-inspired projects.

Because remember, I’m always looking for just one more!

NOTE: Please make sure you read and review usage guidelines for each of these fonts. Some are free for personal and commercial use, others only for personal use. One or two request a donation to the designer for ongoing use.


This font reminds me of signage outside an old-fashioned ice cream parlor on some idyllic Victorian street. Elegant curves and curls add that special something without feeling pretentious.


Download Penshurst here.

Kelmscott Roman

Anything that even smacks of William Morris is right up my alley, so name a font “Kelmscott,” and you’re already likely to get my attention. Add to that its elegant styling which perfectly evokes the Victorian obsession with all that is medieval and romantic.


Download Kelmscott Roman here.


I’m a sucker for hand-lettered fonts, and this one feels like a combination of an old children’s storybook with some art deco sensibilities for good measure.


Download Sunday here.

Rough Typewriter

What Steampunk project would be complete without some frantic prose tapped out on that most newfangled of gadgets, the typewriter? Here’s one that seems to have gone a bit awry, in the best and most artistic sorts of ways.


Download Rough Typewriter here.


When I need a great comic-style font that doesn’t feel too distant from my steampunk art style, I choose Paete. It feels enough like handwriting to keep the aesthetic consistent—while clearly signaling that it’s meant for comic bubbles. (This is the font I use for Alethia Grey panels.)


Download Paete here.

There you have it: five wonderful fonts for your steampunk projects. Stay tuned for two more installments (fifteen fonts total!) that I’m sure you’ll come to love as much as I have.

And if you’re curious how I’ve used some of these fonts, check out my weekly steampunk web comic The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey

In the meantime, go make some steampunk amazing today. But don’t forget to add just the right font for that full-on Victorian flavor!

Because everything’s better with steam,


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