Announcing: the Next Step for The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey

Dear friends,

Today I’m burst-my-brass-buttons excited to share some news with you!

On July 28th, my comic The (Re)Invention of Alethia Grey will be featured on, the popular writing blog of my friend and fellow writer, Rochelle Melander. I’m excited to share her stage (if even in the smallest of ways!) with the likes of Austin Kleon and other writers whose work I admire.

And to make this news even sweeter, I’ll be revealing the cover art for Volume 1 of Alethia Grey, which is currently set to wrap its page-per-week debut on Friday, September 18th. That reveal will also include the final title of this current volume, which is the prelude to Alethia’s mysterious tale.

And if that wasn’t enough . . . I’ll also share a sneak tease into what might be coming up next in my creative universe, alongside Volume 2 of Alethia Grey.

Questions, questions . . . and just a few more weeks to wait.

Thank you SO much for your support over this amazing past few months. Alethia Grey has been a wild ride, one that I’m very thankful isn’t over yet. Your kind words and genuine support have meant the world. Often, they’re what keeps me going when I just don’t think I can crank out another panel.

Because everything’s better with steam,


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