Sneak Peek: The New Lisa England Brand – Part 4

Dear friends,

Today I’m jumping up and down for joy! In exactly 7 days, the all-new will be live and open for business.  My all-new online home will include not only information about me, my business and services, but it will be packed with free branding resources for solopreneurs and small businesses, too.

I can’t wait to share it with you!

Monday June 22nd can’t come fast enough. But in the meantime, how about we take one final peek at the new brand? And this time, from the website itself?

Consider your wish granted.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.28.57 AM

This beautiful new site homepage was designed by Kate Pociask of Patron Sainte. I chose Kate as my designer because of tremendous skill and experienced, but also because I knew she could translate ideas into images that can move the emotions of viewers. It’s one thing to create something pretty. It’s another thing altogether to create something that’s pretty and purposeful.


Kate Pociask | Patron Sainte

Kate and I spent considerable time going over my brand guide, which is just like the ones I create for my clients. Based on the ideas behind the Lisa England brand, she researched various historical and social connections for color and design, key images that “felt like” my brand, and visual techniques (fades, patterns, design details, photo filters, etc.) that would embody the concept of clarity that drives my work.

I also told her I wanted the site to feel like a dark space illuminated from the inside out. Kudos to Kate for pulling off this feat!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.25.44 AM

But design is only half the story. The designs must be cut up and developed for web functionality, too: a process bravely undertaken by Alison Monday of Tiny Blue Orange. As a female business owner, I am always thrilled to support other women-owned businesses. Alison and I met through our mutual friend Theresa Reed and are now part of the same BFF Group.

Alison Monday headshot

Alison Monday | Tiny Blue Orange

It’s amazing watching Alison at work. She has literally figured out how to make every piece of Kate’s design appear properly on every type of device from the tiniest phone to the largest desktop monitor. (That’s called responsive design, by the way, and it’s now mandatory in order for your site to work.)

While such feats are “normal” for a developer, this particular project was anything but normal. The design is extremely image-heavy and contains many elements that Alison had to solve rather like a puzzle. She created custom “fixes” to ensure each piece of the design works as intended by Kate.

I love watching her solutions unfold on the dev site. Being a part of the process by finishing up odds and ends and delivering them to her as needs them is also extremely rewarding.

But all that said: we’ve many miles to go before we sleep. Next Monday will be here before I know it!

Until then, thanks for walking with me on this incredible journey.

Much love,


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