Alethia Grey – Episode 9


In last week’s episode, the questions got to Alethia Grey at last. Will she finally answer them? Get the next episode below, or read the entire comic from the beginning.

To enlarge the image, simply click on it. A new window will open; size your screen up or down (Ctrl + or – on a PC, Apple + or – on a Mac) to enlarge/shrink the image.Alethia-Grey-Vol-1-Pg-11-WEB

5 thoughts on “Alethia Grey – Episode 9

    • CJ – It’s funny you should say that. The original panel was a cutaway — you could see what people were doing in all the different rooms while Alethia was “waking up” down below. BUT after a few attempts I realized I don’t yet have the skill to pull off all those miniature tableaux. Hence … where we ended up. I promise, I will “hide” a self portrait somewhere just for you. 😉 Is this the new “Where’s Waldo?”

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