Sneak Peek! The New Lisa England Brand – Pt 3


Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dropping tidbits of awesome from the upcoming launch of my business website. For the record: the site you’re currently on (my personal blog) will continue on. The new site will replace, my “other address” where I help entrepreneurs and careerists clarify the core of their brand.

In our first installment I shared my new brand colors and logoIn the most recent one, I released the cover of the free branding workbook that will be available to you when the site launches. In today’s post, I’m thrilled to pull back the curtain on my new brand photography. Or should I say, the rockstars behind the photos?

As I always like to tell clients, the quality of your creative partners can make or break you branding process. I’m incredibly thankful to have had tip-top collaborators at every turn . . .

Especially when it comes to something as visceral and personal as photography.


J KaminskiFor head shots, I asked around for recommendations among fellow entrepreneurs who are creative and have an eye for quality. The verdict came in hands down for Jessica Kaminski. A well-known local portraitist and general photographer, Jessica’s warm, rich style graces magazines, posters and many a website. So I spent an afternoon with her and her team at The Refinery in downtown Milwaukee.

Our goal was to capture photos that were personable, employed my brand colors, and communicated emotively. Ultimately we hoped to convey that “come sit beside me and tell me all about yourself” vibe that is so much a part of the work I do, helping people discover and express their core brand.

Below, you’ll find two of the six poses she shot for me. I tend to think she nailed the personality aspect.

I’m excited to share more on the new site when it’s up!

Process Photos

Paul OemigHead shots are important to communicating brand personality, but in my opinion, they only tell half the story. To capture the rhythm of my work behind the scenes, I asked Paul Oemig to come to my house for a day. Paul literally followed me around the house, setting up shots with various items and work that I love.

What I love most is how Paul uses details and lighting to tell a story. I’d estimate fully half his time was spent conferring we me and our art director on what props to include in the shots and which clothing and accessories to use.

Paul Oemig and Kate Pociask set up a shot in my living room

Paul Oemig and Kate Pociask set up a shot in my living room during this past April’s home shoot.

I often encourage my clients to include their hobbies and homes or workspaces in their branding, to help build a stronger emotional bond with their audience online. I also believe it’s imperative that I practice what I preach.

You’ll get to see the wonderful full collection of photos Paul took when the site launches. But for now, here’s one that I absolutely love:

Lisa Walker England Web Photography Paul Oemig-20150424-6

Tea, art, writing by hand with a real nib pen—and a cat in the background! Any of you who’ve ever shot photos or film with animals involved know how challenging that shot can be. I’m so thrilled that Paul and my art director/designer Kate Pociask were able to charm Fritz into behaving himself on camera.

Kate PAnd there’s the last person who deserves tremendous recognition in the photo portion of my branding: Kate herself. In addition to designing the site (our next sneak peek!), she came to both of my photo shoots, helped me pick out clothes, and accessories, critiqued shot composition to communicate brand ideas, etc.

Having her on both shoots was invaluable for making sure everything we did was intentional.

After all, that’s the essence of branding, isn’t it? Creating intentional experiences that are rooted in our unique identity?

To communicate your identity and build experiences around it, you have to know what it is. I’d love to help you discover and leverage your core brand—whether in your startup, your rebranding efforts, or even your job search. Bringing that authentic personal look and feel to everything you create can mean the difference between clients (and opportunities!) of your dreams and being passed over as just “one of the stack.”

Please contact me if you’d like to chat more about infusing the real you into everything you do. And in the meantime, I’m more excited than ever to share my new brand experience with you shortly.

Hats off to the fantastic team of artists and architects who have made it all possible so far!

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