Sneak Peek! The New Lisa England Brand – Pt 1

Top Secret

For the last six months, I’ve been working on a brand-new project. My very own branding business.

I’ve dreamed of being an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. This past year I decided to stop dreaming and start doing. I took my first serious steps to hire a business startup coach (shout out to Cat LeBlanc!) in November of 2014. On January 23rd, 2015 (much sooner than expected), I official made the leap from corporate employee to CEO.

Since then, I’ve been on the roller-coaster ride of learning how to sell myself, serve my first clients well, and juggle every aspect of a running fledgling business. And oh yes, there’s that bit about practicing what I preach, too . . .

I’ve been creating my very own brand.

The new website and social media presence will officially replace my current (temporary) presence in June. But until then, I’ve been asked to share a few sneak peeks of how I’ve applied my branding process to myself and my business.

Let the sneaking and peeking begin!


I started my branding process the way I do with all my clients: a discovery project that delved deep into who I am both as a person and as a professional. I was committed to identifying my core brand first: that intangible, unique-to-me spark that drives everything else I do.

After a lengthy exploration, my core concept turned out to be illumination: helping people get clarity on who they really are. After all, most of our confusion and lack of confidence with branding and marketing ourselves comes from lack of clarity on our core purpose and value.

When you know who you are, you instinctively know what steps to take.

I spent quite a lot more time fleshing out what these ideas really mean in terms of my business, what I believe, how I’ll position myself and serve my customers. But at the end of the day, everything comes back to illumination.


Based on this concept, and a lot of other internal work I did, my designer and I chose the metaphor of the candle to picture what I do. Then we then asked ourselves, how can we incorporate this metaphor into  the resulting visual language, website, and social media presence?

One way, we decided, was by incorporating a candle subtly into certain assets like my new logo.

Here’s the finished design. Numerous other aesthetic choices—such as the handwritten-style font that’s been deliberately altered—reflect other aspects of my brand, such as my passion for handcrafting and the sense of old-fashioned elegance I bring to my work.


Another way we decided to express illumination was by choosing a color scheme that feels warm and vibrant, similar to the glow of a candle inside a darkened space. This will become particularly apparent when you see the final site designs!

In the mean time, here’s a peek at the colors.


I’d love to hear what you think of these two foundational elements!

In the coming weeks I’ll show off some lush headshot photography by Jessica Kaminski Photographer, clever and fun home photography shot by Paul Oemig, and snippets of the beautiful new site design that Patron Sainte has crafted to express my core concept.

And in June? Why, that’s when the real party starts!

What do you think?

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