Chapter Breaks: The Story of My Life

Chapter One

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Seneca

January 1st may be long gone, and the bulk of our New Year’s resolutions abandoned with it, but over here at my house the beginnings are just getting started. In fact, today is the very first day of a new venture: working from home.

It feels strange. Rather like the end of a chapter in a good book: the moment of uncertainty as you turn the page to discover what happens next.

Except that this chapter break has been years in the making.

As most of my readers know, I’ve been working in marketing for a number of years. My journey has taken me from small start-up firms all the way to a large national agency specializing in face-to-face activations. Each new position has brought great challenges and great enrichment. I could not have asked for more!

Yet despite this, I’ve always had the strange sense that I was doing the right kind of work for my skill set but not quite doing it in the right way.

Deep down inside I knew that solving this nagging feeling would require me to take a step that frankly terrified me: launching my own business.

Just the thought of it filled me with terrifying questions. Where would I get clients? Would I have the courage and patience to see it through the slow times? What if I never got good at sales? What if no one ever wanted my services at all?

It’s easier to worry about the answers to these questions than it is to actually find out what happens—to turn the page, if you will. So I pressed on in my career instead.

It was kind of like putting a marker at the end of a chapter and promising yourself you’ll come back later to start the next one.

This past fall, I came back to my book.

I won’t bore you with the details, but for various reasons, in December, I finally got the courage to realize I wasn’t getting any younger. If I kept saying “someday” every time that little sixth sense told me I should launch, I’d be old before I knew it. So I decided to take the leap at last and figure things out on the way down.

I began to turn the page.

It was scary to take that step, let me tell you! How would my coworkers react? What if I couldn’t get things figured out? What about all the things like insurance that my wonderful employer handled for me?

I could have stalled out again at the question phase, but instead, this time I kept on going. And on the way I discovered something amazing: when you commit to turning the page, the next chapter is waiting there for you.

Today I’m writing from my calm, well-organized home office with two happy cats playing in the background. My to-do list is full. It includes a stack of paying freelance projects, my work with City Beast Studio, and some exciting new projects I’m cooking up.  Meanwhile, my calendar is filling up fast with coffee catch-ups and client meetings.

I don’t know what the future holds. And if truth be told, as momentous as this step may sound, it doesn’t feel as a dramatic as I thought it might.

It just feels right.

The story of life is chock-full of firsts and lasts. As one chapter closes and another begins, I look forward to writing its opening lines . . . and where exactly story goes next.

* * *
What about you? Have you taken a “big leap” of faith toward something you know is right but seems a bit crazy? Share your story below!

6 thoughts on “Chapter Breaks: The Story of My Life

  1. Congratulations! Glad you’re keeping busy. I worked freelance on the side for about a year before I left the newspaper business. The pay cut was huge, but so was the stress relief, so it was totally worth it! I hope the plunge will be worth it for you, too. 🙂


    • Thank you, Bill! I’m looking forward to sharing new developments as they become available. 😉 Lots in the hopper! I am grateful for this journey and the wonderful people like you that I meet along the way!


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