Flash Friday #? – Hey, where’d it go?


Thanks to everyone who has reached out inquiring when “Virtual Reality” will return with its next Flash Friday installment. I’m anxious to get back to Flash Friday—but a little top secret business requires my attention first.

As regular readers know, last week I was traveling incognito as Inspector Inkblot (at TeslaCon), and this week as my other alter ego, an Experiential Marketing Creative Lead at a large face-to-face marketing agency.

(I assure you, this latter disguise is meant entirely for purposes of subterfuge and is not intended to represent the real me . . . )

While I make it a practice to ensure that the most important things in my life—God, family, and creative expression/collaboration—come first, occasionally I have to step back from creative efforts to feed the corporate machine.

This is one of those times.

Virtual Reality’s next installment is on its way. In the mean time, while I’m lurking about the eastern seaboard in a business suit, I’d love to hear what you’re writing, crafting or creating back home!

How about sharing a quick rundown in the comments below?

2 thoughts on “Flash Friday #? – Hey, where’d it go?

  1. Hi Lisa, I didn’t realize that you were an Experiential Marketing Creative Lead. Come to think of it, I don’t even know what that is 🙂 I’ve finished up the 11th installment of “The Ship” wherein the protagonist, the at times wily, at other times muddling Mrs. Smith is brought by her employee to the resting place of… The Ship!

    Interested in hearing more about your corporate work.

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    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for asking. 🙂 Basically, I design engaging educational experiences (games, presentations, interactive displays, etc.) for trade show exhibits, branded events and corporate marketing environments. I don’t handle the exhibit design (temporary architecture), but I work with the 3D designers to ensure the space they create is educational based on the brand’s business and product marketing objectives.

      One of my bosses reads this blog occasionally and asked me last week, “Hey, why don’t you ever talk about your work here?” Maybe sometime I will, although I can’t share specifics about actual engagements due to the NDAs we have with our clients. It’s too bad–because some of them are really fun. 🙂

      I guess we all have our “other life” outside of our creativity. And that is mine, for now.

      Looking forward to the final installment of “The Ship.” The question is: who else died THIS time? 😉



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