DIY to Done: Rosette Earrings

Ever since I found a great, easy rosette pattern Ravelry, I’ve been anxious to try it. I made a sample with leftover salmon-colored yarn from my femme tie project.


When that worked out well, I turned to a single-ply handspun mohair yarn I found on sale at Goodwill. (Always check Goodwill for yarn, kids! You never know what you’ll find!)


The single-ply is perfect for small projects like jewelry-size rosettes. I used a size 6 (U.S.) needle, which was the smallest I had.


I’m pleased with the results—a pair of earrings—but plan to get a smaller needle, like a size 4 (U.S.), for the next iteration. (I know, I may not look thrilled … but we took this picture at the crack of dawn. I promise, I love these earrings! Apparently everyone else does, too; I wore them this morning and have already received numerous compliments.)

The lightweight, petite rosettes knit up fast and can be used for all sorts of projects. The handiwork of La Piuma Bella (below, which I saw at the recent Maker Faire) inspired me to try necklaces as well as earrings.

I’ll let you know how those turn out! In the meantime, have you tried knitting rosette jewelry? Please share your experience below.

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