Flash Friday Starts Tomorrow!

Time is a funny thing. We spend a lot of it thinking about it. We regret the past and dream about the future, but the only time we really have any control over is the present.

Yes, now. This moment. Nothing before it can be changed. Nothing after it is guaranteed.

It’s funny, then, how much of the energy we put into our creative efforts has nothing to do with the present.

For example, if I had an hour of writing time back for every hour I’ve spent thinking about writing, I’d probably have finished more novels. It’s been a challenging transition for me personally to move from dreaming to doing. Now, whenever, I think about something, I challenge myself to do it as quickly as possible.

Dream. Do. Fail. Learn. And dream again. At some point, I’ll be able to replace “fail” with “succeed.”

Or maybe I’m succeeding already just by overcoming my perfectionism enough to hit “publish?”

Either way, it’s time to seize the present and make good on my determination to write fiction—even if it is in bite-sized chunks. Which now brings us, ironically, to tomorrow.

Last week Friday, I posted my declaration that each Friday, I would release a piece of flash fiction here on the blog. I was overwhelmed at the response. Many people left messages here or sent Facebook messages asking  they could do Flash Friday, too.

The answer to that question is always yes . . . because there is no time except the present. The past is just a memory, and the future is a promise that may never be fulfilled.

Really, you don’t need anything that fancy to get started. Whether your story is six words or six hundred or six thousand—now is the time to share it. If you’re an artist or photographer and want to share some of your visual work with your story, great! But don’t let these “extras” be a barrier to making the present count.

In the end, our dreams can happen today. We can be the writers, artists, creatives we want to be.

All we have to do is step up and do what we’re dreaming about.

Can’t wait to read your fiction tomorrow! Oh—and if you hashtag #FlashFriday and/or post a link to your flash piece in the comments section of mine . . . I’ll share the heck out of it on social media.

Update 9/26: Read the first Flash Friday story here!


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