Introducing … Flash Fridays!


Have you ever noticed that fiction writers tend to blog about fiction instead of blogging fiction?  While I understand the usual arguments regarding plagiarism, intellectual property theft, and lack of quality, I’ve always found this trend somewhat amusing and contradictory.

I’m also guilty as charged.

It’s easy to talk about creativity and show the fruits of it long after they’ve fully ripened. But I think there’s also a place for challenging oneself to create something on a tight time schedule, on a regular basis, and share it with the world.

Bye bye, hypocrisy. Hello, Flash Fridays.

From now on, as often as possible, I’ll be using the Friday blog entry to share a piece of original flash fiction. And if we’re lucky, there MIGHT be some whimsical artwork and/or a real-world thrift-store find to accompany it.

Just putting this declaration out in the world is a scary step for me. Write enough flash fiction (outside of my regular City Beast Studio writing schedule) to fill a weekly blog series? REALLY?


I’m declaring this now so I can’t chicken out later.

Oh–and one other note, just to whet your appetite: I’m a big fan of miniatures, shadow boxes and all things small. So my inaugural series of flash fiction pieces will involve miniature objects, each with a story of their own.

Wish me luck as I smooth open my notebook page and fire up my colored pencils.

Welcome to Flash Fiction Fridays!

Update 9/26: Read my first Flash Friday installment here.

12 thoughts on “Introducing … Flash Fridays!

  1. That is basically all I do, Lisa, post fiction I mean. I guess those arguments about plagiarism etc. are a bit outdated in the digital age. At least that’s a question that I would be interested in asking (and having answered.)

    I’ve found serializing my fiction to have mixed results, but that’s the path I’ve chosen. Another blog that I follow that only posts fiction, is “Letters from the Wasteland.” Very creepy stuff! But good Form (with a capital “F”)

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂


    • Thanks, William. I’m with you on this one, having done an entire novel and two seasons of a webshow online. Surprisingly, though, I still meet a lot of writers who are paranoid about putting things online — or convinced that they should be paid for every word they write. I guess I’m way too freewheeling for that. Plus, overall, I’d rather get read than paid, I guess, and make my living some other way. 😉 Onward!

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