DIY to Done: Bias-Stitch Scarf


I don’t know about your house, but at mine, fall is here in full force. Cooler temperatures mean warmer fashions. And when fall winds blow, I welcome bit of extra layering with scarves that helps keep the chill out.

Even businesswear deserves something pretty and warm around the neck this time of year. A scarf might be too much to wear with a suit, but a tie? Now that sounds like just the thing.

This past week, I finished a quick-knit femme tie that delivers that extra bit of flair—and it was as easy as can be.


This project began as a piece for a Teslacon costume, and it will still be part of that costume (along with the vest and skirt shown below). But I’ve discovered it’s just as versatile for wear on a weekday pitch as on a weekend caper. In fact, I wore it to work last week and will do so again very soon!


Like the previous garden party scarf I finished, this pattern came from Mother Daughter Knits by Sally Melville and Caddy Melville Ledbetter. It can be worked in a variety of weights of yarn, and of course your color options are endless. A simple decreasing and increasing bias stitch serves as the basis for this pattern.

The only trouble I ran into involved the increase/decrease rows, where it’s easy to lose track of the regular pattern and quickly find yourself changing the design. Even there, however, the shift was obvious enough that I could quickly get back on track.

Mother Daughter Knits

With a good attention to detail and some basic knitting skills … I highly recommend this pattern. I’m already looking through my yarn basket to see what other colors I might work it up in.

Fall may be here, but this time, I’m ready for whenever those chilly winds might blow!

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