DIY to Done: Garden Party Scarf


Last week, I finished this fun scarf which will be part of one of my fall steampunk costumes. The pattern is “Garden Party Scarf.”

I used one ball of Malabrigo, a hand-dyed Uruguayan wool for the three interlocking structural pieces, and one ball of a Lion brand acrylic-wool blend for the flowers. The buttons were leftover from my recent jacket project. Can you imagine the jacket and scarf together? IMG_5436


Garden Party Scarf comes from Mother Daughter Knits, a fantastic and useful book with a variety of patterns, many of which can be adapted to use by Steampunks and Neovictorians. (The knitted spats are high on my list!)

Mother Daughter Knits

Overall, this was an easy project and great for someone who’s newer to knitting. The structure is basically a garter stitch (meaning, it requires all knit stitches); it’s the flowers that get a bit tricky, as you’ll need three needles—two for working and one for holding the yarn.

Still … if you’re looking for a fun, relatively quick gift project or something fresh for your costume, give Garden Party Scarf a try.

Now I just need to organize a garden party …

6 thoughts on “DIY to Done: Garden Party Scarf

    • LOL. I know the feeling! I was all thumbs, too. It took a REALLY patient knitting group to teach me how. (I hope there’s a crown in heaven for THAT much patience!) This was my first “big” project all by myself. 🙂


    • Aw, thank you Char! I miss you all too! Hey, I’ve got a pitch in Chicago tomorrow that’s over around 4:30. I’ll be back in Milwaukee around 7 PM and could drop in. String Theory is meeting tomorrow, right?


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