A Daily Dose of Magic

My robot and I enjoy tea together every day.

Sometimes, even as a fantasy writer, I find there’s not much magic in daily life.

Endless deadlines. Complex commitments. If it’s not the day job, it’s the after-hours draft that just won’t behave. The excuses are varied, of course. But whatever they might be, I often find myself in desperate need of a quick trip to an alternate dimension.

Luckily, there’s this thing called “afternoon tea.”

Every afternoon in my cubicle—usually when “The Slump” hits, and I’m headed  into my tenth phone meeting of the day—I stop everything. From the drawer by my desk, I take out a beautiful porcelain teacup, a wedding gift from a dear friend. (She admonished me to drink from it by lamplight, of course, but my office has a policy against open flames. Sorry, Connie!)

With that cup proudly balanced on its saucer, I walk all the way through the office to the hot water dispenser in the back. It’s a short trip. In a few minutes, I’m back at work with piping hot and very proper loose-leaf tea. (And if I’ve chosen to have a standing desk that day, you might even call it “High Tea!”)

In an office as hectic as mine, this ritual tends to mystify my colleagues. I get asked all the time where my cup came from, and if that’s “real tea,” and do I really do this every day?

I just smile and nod, “Yes, I do. Every day.” And then I take another sip.

Because if there’s any magic to be found in daily life, I’ve found it in small things. Simple routines. Those touches of an “alternate dimension” that defy the tyranny of today and remind me it, too, will soon be Yesterday.

Tea is my daily dose of magic.

What’s yours?

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