Aurelian Hands Around the World


Welcome, Steampunk friends from around the world! Today I’m pleased to share another chapter a contribution to the month-long celebration(If you’re new to the project, check out a quick overview here.)

Today’s Steampunk Hands Around the World entry doesn’t come from any one of the seven continents on Earth. While we are a multinational team of Earth-bound actors, we’re also citizens of a continent far away. Welcome to Aurelia: a Victorian steam-powered, gas-lit city in a world that’s been dark for a thousand years.


Aurelia originated as the setting for Rise of the Tigera fantasy serial with steampunk elements. But it grew into so much more as the backdrop for a fully-collaborative web show—one that invites actors of all skill levels, around the world, to join as “citizens.” They report their adventures and antics as part of a larger ongoing story.

In the first season (Summer and Fall 2013), several dozen brave actors—many of whom were new to the medium—joined. The season received quite a bit of attention, including an article in the Huffington Post. Since then, many of the actors returned for a second season (with some new faces, too!) in January 2014.

Aurelian Actors, Past & Present

Throughout the process, their level of dedication and collaboration, both “on stage” at our Theatrics site and “back stage” on our Facebook group has been second to none. Actors collaborated across state and national lines to plan storylines, spring pranks and surprises, and help the City of Aurelia overcome a looming energy crisis.

But why take my word for it? A few of our actors took time to share their thoughts on this collaborative steampunk story, and why this collective, global experience has meant so much to them. But watch out: they just might be advancing their characters’ stories while they’re at it!

Our first actors hails from Germany …

And several more, from the U.S. …

We welcome you to the world of Aurelia and invite you to explore the show here. Just keep in mind: The community IS the story—so you won’t find a linear narrative. Each character’s mini-story unfolds on their personal page, while the overarching collective plot unfolds through the Calls to Action.

You’re also invited to join us in this tale! Anyone can join at any timeThe show is designed so you can learn as you go. No need to “catch up” or “study” in order to play.

Thanks for stopping by today. And here’s to many more stories told by steampunk hands, reaching around the world!

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