And The Winner Is . . .

All winners will receive a copy of the Aurelia Bestiary.

Among the prizes for the portrait contest is the newly-released Aurelia Bestiary.

Today’s a big day here at my blog and around the world of steampunk. For one thing, Steampunk Hands Around the World kicked of yesterday, launching a month-long celebration of the global community of this fan-created, fan-led genre. (Get in on the fun here.)

And it’s also the day we launch the winners of the AURELIA portrait contest. If you missed the portraits, catch the full gallery here. And if you’re wondering what the heck Aurelia is, you might want to check out this brief introduction.

Thanks to every one of our fantastic actors who participated. For the rest of you—especially for the audience who voted—here are the official winners!*

Grand Prize Winner

Doctor Woodward Gatsby

Prize Package: Dr. Gatsby’s picture on an AURELIA Season 2 Poster, a copy of The Aurelia Bestiary, Aurelia t-shirt

Second Place Winner

Luca “Lukey” Priscus

Prize: A copy of The Aurelia Bestiary and one limited edition signed page print

Third Place Winner

Thais ven Derrivalle

Prize: Limited edition signed page print from The Aurelia Bestiary

Audience Award – A Tie!

Reginald Khorvanus
Ratus fitz Derrivalle
Prize: Aurelia t-shirt (one for each!)

Random Voter Award

Rebecca Yoder
Prize: A copy of The Aurelia Bestiary

I’ll be reaching out to each winner to ensure their prizes get properly sized and delivered. In the mean time, if you know these winners, send them a hearty congratulations!

If you’d like to join these courageous actors in telling the Season 2 story of Aurelia through videos, blog posts and photos, there’s plenty of room! Get started here and join our backstage actor group. And don’t forget to get your copy of the Aurelia Bestiary here.

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