People Who Inspire Me: Splickety Magazine


Reading fiction takes time.

If your life is like mine, time is in short supply. Which is why I’m pleased to share a new outlet for beguiling fiction in short bursts: Splickety Magazine.

How long does it take to read 1,000 words? Roughly three times as long as it takes to read this post. That’s how long it will take you to read one of eight stories in this monthly flash fiction magazine.

I first heard about Splickety when a mutual friend introduced me to Ben Wolf, its executive editor. I’m always keen to meet other independent artists who are making the dream happen—especially when it turns out they live only a few miles away!

Ben WolfBen is smart, talented (did I mention he’s got way more novels under his belt than I do? I could be jealous …), and has marshalled a bevy of collaborators to help build the dream. (He was also the first person to pre-order The Aurelia Bestiary. Thanks, Ben!) Get to know Ben at his author site.

Splickety is available both digitally and traditionally. While the magazine supports faith-based writers, many stories are not faith-specific. Also, this year Splickety will launch two sister magazines, Havok for speculative fiction and Splickety Love for romance.

Recently, I sat down with a cup of ginger tea and the October 2013 Halloween-themed issue. Headliner James Rubart (best-selling author of Rooms) offered a sample from his forthcoming novel. Other contributors were freelancers or self-published writers offering traditional horror, horror comedy, zombie horror, and dark drama.

Splickety Issue_TouchedUpOverall I enjoyed the stories. From a reader’s perspective, they were to-the-point and generally thought-provoking. From a writer’s perspective, I found it refreshing to see what others did—the kind of worlds they’d spun—with just 1,000 words.

My one critique would be that while the stories were well copy-edited, the content quality varied, from considerably gripping to moderately generic. However, I would expect this variance from a young publication with an (as yet) limited submission pool.

In the same breath, I’m excited that Splickety is off to a tremendous start. Perhaps some of you will be among future contributors!

Learn more about Splickety Magazine, subscribe, and get submission information here.

Happy reading, lickety split. Or should I say, Splickety lit?

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