Announcing Season 2 of Aurelia!

If there’s one question I’ve been asked repeatedly over the last couple of months, it’s this one: “Will AURELIA: Edge of Darkness return for a second season?”

Today, I’m pleased to announce that the answer is “yes.”

For those who don’t know, from June to October, 2013, I ran the first season of this experimental steampunk fantasy web show on the Theatrics platform. The story followed the citizens of a self-sustaining steam-powered city known as Aurelia: humanity’s last bastion of life and light following an apocalypse that left the world in darkness.

At the show’s opening, Aurelia was faced with a dangerous fuel shortage. If fuel ran out, Aurelia’s boilers would fall silent—and humanity’s thin link to life would snap, forever.

Inviting anyone anywhere in the world to participate, the show cast volunteer actors as citizens of Aurelia tasked with saving the day. Thirty-five brave souls in the U.S., Canada, and Europe stepped up to co-create the weekly episodes, unfolding the story through video posts, blogs, and photos.

At the end of Season 1, their characters uncovered a primordial power called Shakna. This eternal flame, once thought to be only a myth, offers enough energy to keep Aurelia’s boilers running indefinitely . . .

But its re-emergence has triggered a series of unforeseen and unpredictable—even magical—effects on both people and the environment. For a city founded on science, this is nothing short of catastrophic.

Enter Season 2.


Set a few months after the discovery of Shakna, Season 2 will follow citizens as they discover incredible powers waking within themselves. The immediate energy crisis has been solved, but many more crises loom ahead—not the least of which involves Aurelia’s empty throne. Aurelians of all social classes must race to control Shakna before it overpowers them. Whoever succeeds first will likely win the throne, for better or for worse.

Now is your chance to create the next chapter of this ongoing tale.

AURELIA: Edge of Darkness Season 2 will launch the third week of January, 2014. Veteran actors already have signed up—and if you’re curious about joining them, now is your chance! There’s plenty of room for new actors. No experience necessary. No auditions. Participate as little or as much as you like.

To get started, sign up to participate at and join the Aurelia actor Facebook group for up-to-the-minute insider updates. Or shoot me an email via my contact form if you’ve got questions first!

Aurelia’s future is bright, but who will control it?

Come January, the answer could be “you.”

What do you think?

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