Midwinter Is Coming!

MidwinterBigWith all the hullabaloo that is the holidays, sometimes it’s hard to see past the end of the December. But this year, I’m keeping my eye forward-focused.

Because, in the words of Eddard Stark, “[Mid]winter is coming.”

No, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones Season 4 (although that would be fantastic!). I’m talking about the Midwinter Gaming Convention, January 16-19, 2014, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This gamers’ oasis has flourished for several years, right on the shores of the frosty Great Lakes. With a smorgasbord ranging from card games to boffer LARP and everything in between, Midwinter is the perfect sprinkle of magic to cheer up your post-holiday blues. (Which no doubt actually result from frost bite in our negative-degree weather!)

I was introduced to Midwinter’s passionate founder and organizer, Anne Zellmer, by a mutual friend. Anne and I immediately hit it off—maybe because we both get ideas into our heads and work crazy long hours to make them a reality.

This year, Anne has decided to host a Writers Day on Friday of the convention, where a lineup of battle-hardened talent will offer creatively-minded gamers tips and tricks for seizing the scribal prize. I’ll be teaching a class on Worldbuilding—one of my favorite writing topics—and, true to the spirit of Midwinter, I’m determined to make it . . . a game.

With that in mind, I’d love your help making this the most awesome worldbuilding game ever!

Writers, what do you want to know about worldbuilding? Which parts trip you up? Which questions do most blog posts or writing books leave unanswered? What’s your toughest worldbuilding challenge right now?

Share your answers in the comments, and you could win a copy of my upcoming Aurelia Bestiary!

And don’t forget to register for Midwinter ASAP.  Tickets are going fast.

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One thought on “Midwinter Is Coming!

  1. Oh my goodness, the Gamers convention sounds fantastic!
    You really do lead an adventurous life, Lisa!
    I’m gonna go with clothing and food are often my weak points in World building. I get in a hurry!
    But when I do remember to address them, look out! I’m a dangerous man.


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