Whimsy Isn’t Just for Weekends

Most cosplay or Steampunk dress-up events I attend take place on weekends. But there are a whole lot of days between one weekend and the next.

What to do with all that cosplay gear, Monday through Friday?

Well, I realize that not all modern workplaces allow us to dress for retro success. And we really might not enjoy that bustle or topcoat so much if we wore them every day. But there are numerous fun ways to spice up  9-5 fashion with a steampunk flair. I try to wear at least one whimsical item every day.

The bonus? Colleagues, clients, and random people on the street often comment, “That’s so cool!” And “What is it?” is a great conversation starter … especially if you answer in character.

“This concoction ameliorates the aftereffects of temporal peregration. One can’t be too careful of one’s health while traveling through time, you know.”



“This is so I can remember what time it was in the era I just left, and can always know just when to pop back across the quantum divide, for a cup of tea.”



“These provide me with secret weapons. Should I encounter marauding automatons, I prefer to damage their clockworks before they damage mine.”



“This is where I keep all the plans to my secret prototype airship. Villains abound; one must always be prepared for a narrow escape through the aether.”


photo (42)

“Why, I’ve got a lot of keys for a lot of doors. They come different in every century. Can’t get too far back in time and discover I don’t have what I need, now can I?”


If people “get” it, they’ll give a laugh. If they don’t, rank consternation. And some (the most fun ones) are confused but curious enough to smile and keep asking.

Ultimately, these trinkets spread some imagination and fun in my workaday world. For one moment, however fleeting, beleaguered baristas and stressed-out clients alike join me inside my imagination.

And that’s why whimsy isn’t just for weekends.

Because weekdays need a heap of it, too.

How do you share your whimsy?

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5 thoughts on “Whimsy Isn’t Just for Weekends

    • Oh, that’s a great idea! Do send a photo if you get the urge. 🙂 I’d have to grow my hair out first to do that, though. Having short hair, I rely on hats & gadgets that can be pinned to them!


  1. How wonderful that you do this! I think either I am too old or too oblivious to have discovered the world of cosplay until the last month but I have always felt ‘dressing up’ in the mundanity of the 24/7 is imperative -for both my own sanity and the salvation of others’. If I can’t be Jack Sparrow or Howl or Luscious Malfoy or whoever the hell I feel like when I go to the supermarket, then, hell, I don’t wanna go there – it’s soul destroying enough as it is. My kids love it and so many folks have stopped us in the street, – as you say, I think it brighten’s people’s day to see others liberated enough to have fun in this, often desperately depressing and over-controlling, world. Very well done to you 🙂


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