The Essence of Thanksgiving


This is the day we give thanks.

Gathered around the table, large or small,
whatever our menu may be, and who shares it,
0ur thoughts turn to all our blessings,
and we remember.

Friends who support us.
Family who love us.
The success we wanted.

But these are only half of our blessings.

There were others this year,
events and experiences we cannot deny,
yet dare not mention over dinner,
And we try to forget.

Friends who betrayed us.
Family who abandoned us.
The failures we didn’t want.

We did not ask for these blessings.
They did not come wrapped in smiles,
or tied with happiness.

After all, who would give thanks for pain?

But pain is its own sort of blessing.

No trees are made strong, except for the storm.
No love is immortal, except through loss.
Even our failures are just more preparation
to hold someone else and whisper
“I understand.”

So, on this day, let us gather round.
Let us join hands and truly give thanks–
for all our blessings.

Because together, somehow, in some way,
they are all meant for good.
And through them,
we have so much more . . .

Not just to give thanks for,
but to give away.

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