Collaborating on Collaborative Storytelling

This past Sunday, I was privileged to spend the afternoon with The Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. This enthusiastic group of steampunks gather once per month in Milwaukee to share various skills and handcrafts related to the fandom.

Past topics have included goggle-making and persona (fictional alter ego) development. This time around, I shared tips for collaborative storytelling that I gathered while running AURELIA: Edge of Darkness this past summer and fall.

In addition to being one of the nicest audiences I’ve ever had, the fine folk of SDUK inspired me with their tremendous creativity. Quite a few group story ideas got tossed around. I hope they actually get turned into live storytelling events . . . because I’d sure like to play all of them!

I could tell you more about the event. But instead, I’m sharing a video of the entire presentation, in case there are some adventurous storytellers out there wondering how (when, and what they can do) to run a live-action story where everyone gets to contribute.

What’s been your experience with collaborative storytelling? What questions or concerns do you have, about running or participating in a live group?

(And if you’re a Milwaukee-area steampunk enthusiast, or new to the genre, come check out SDUK next at Gravity Connect on December 17th, 1 pm.)

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