5 Fantastic(al) Things I Learned at TeslaCon

They say life is a school, and the world is its classroom. Closing out this week of reflections on the world of TeslaCon 4, here are five important lessons I learned through this year’s journey back in (altered) time.

5) The Bobbins Bob is not for the uncoordinated.

With that, I’ll leave you to decide for yourself.

4) Bustle enhancers perform an important role in society.

I’d always had my doubts . . . but fashionista after fashionista this weekend shared how her bustle enhancer was the key to a proper steampunk silhouette. I’ll spare you the photo of mine and instead share one of my friend Jessica—whose bustle was quite beautiful (and, I’m told, was enhanced by a proper pillow underneath).


3) I’m not the world’s only Goodwill steampunk.

In fact, I’d say 75% of the futuristic retronauts I met got some part of their costume—sometimes, all of it—at Goodwill. For some reason, I once had a perception that in this community, if you didn’t hand-make everything on your person, well, you just might be called a poser. So glad to find out I was very wrong!

2) The Airship Ambassador is as nice in person as he is online.

If you know the blogosphere, you know that’s not always the case. I’m very grateful for the support Kevin Steil gave Aurelia during its run, and his kindness at the event itself—even asking me to sub last-minute on someone else’s panel—truly meant a lot. (So go read his excellent blog, The Airship Ambassador and his handy info page.)

Photo by Sean Peck

Photo by Sean Peck

1) Long lines just mean more time to make new friends.

That’s how I met Tom and Cheryl from Kansas City. Both long-time renn faire performers, they’re a matched pair of creativity! Tom sings, juggles and acts. Cheryl is a seamstress extraordinaire, henna artist and reference librarian. (I’m under orders to call her up with questions.) They were just two of the many fantastic people I met.

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