(Nearly) 10 Quotables Overheard at TeslaCon

TeslaCon_LogoToday I’m recovering from a fabulous weekend of steam-powered hijinks at TeslaCon, an annual steampunk experience held in Madison, WI. Later this week I’ll share more of the inspiring ideas and fun fashion that graced the four-day gathering. But first, let’s kick things off with a little humor.

So without further ado, I give you the (nearly) top ten (incredibly steampunk) quotables I overheard at TeslaCon.

11. “I love corsets. I don’t care how much they hurt.”

(It’s like I always say, darlin’: no pain, no gain.)

10. “Oh no! A stray gear!”

(Perhaps we need to find its mother?)

9. “Did you time travel here to find one of Santa’s reindeer?”

(Only if you brought the airship I need to haul it home.)

8. “We’re protesting that most vile substance, absinthe.”

(So YOU’RE the guy with the Got Absinthe? bumper sticker.)

7. “Kilts do not mean consent.”

(Says the ad above the bathroom hand-dryer.)

6. “I’m aghast at how much my legs are showing right now.”

(Trust me; everyone else is, too.)

5. “We’ve only ever had one fight at TeslaCon. It was two guys, arguing over a source of energy.”

(So which one ultimately charged his laptop?)

4. “Airships are not feasible, and Mother Nature likes to eat them.”

(Apparently Mother Nature is not a vegetarian.)

3. “If I find one more reference to Tesla in a steampunk novel, I’m going to scream.”

(Tesla probably would, as well.)

2. “A steampunk convention is the only place where saying ‘My, you’ve got a big butt!’ is actually a compliment.”

(Insecurities, bye bye!)

1. “Steampunks don’t owe Lucasfilm anything, because we made our fandom.”

(And that, if for no other reason, is why I freaking LOVE this community!!!)

Thanks to Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins III and the entire, tireless TeslaCon team for this fantastic convention.

If you were there, what’s your favorite TeslaCon 2013 quotable?

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13 thoughts on “(Nearly) 10 Quotables Overheard at TeslaCon

    • I was just thinking that, Carl! That was FABULOUS the way you phrased it … I chuckled all the way home in the car, imagining that fight … Thanks for being one of many people who made the whole weekend so fabulous!


  1. Wow, does that sound like fun. I wish I would’ve know it was happening. Thanks for putting me in the loop. Will you be posting pics?


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