First Moments Count

Time is precious.

Every second either puts you one step closer to your purpose, or one step further away.

Never is this more true than in the morning (or whatever time of day your feet first hit the floor).  Your actions, attitudes, and opportunities for the rest of the day will flow in part from the way you approach its very first moments.

Do you put your purpose first?

All too soon, the quiet gives way to hustle-and-bustle, busyness and noise. Perhaps you’ll head to a job that advances your purpose. But if you’re not in that category (yet), you must find and guard time for activities that advance your beliefs.

Why not do them first?

I spend my first hours writing fantasy. Telling stories of destiny is part of my purpose, so when my feet hit the floor, they head for the writing room.

Because time is precious.

What do you think?

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