Pain Isn’t the Problem

Pain serves a purpose, but it also can sidetrack us.

When something hurts—when life is out of kilter, the business is struggling, the story needs a page one rewrite—our tendency is to address the pain directly. Drug it. Bandage it. Do whatever it takes to feel better. But pain is not the real problem; in fact, it’s rarely ever the source of our woes.

So what is pain good for?

The power of pain is a call to action. Pain shouts where we’re most likely to hear—on the surface—and challenges us to go deeper, to the place where the root problem lurks among seemingly “unrelated” issues. The only way to stop pain is to look past it.

The more you approach pain as an alarm, and not the fire, the better and faster you’ll get at fixing what’s wrong.

That’s when pain truly serves its purpose.

What do you think?

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