Dreams Are Useless

“I can dream about it, can’t I?”

We’ve all posed this question a time or two, usually when naysayers pour cold water on the fires of our imagination. We may have meant it only as a bit of rhetoric: a convenient roadblock to stymie their objections. But as a question, it still begs an answer.

“Sure, you can dream. But what good does dreaming do you?”

Our society idolizes the culture of dreams. Having them. Making them big. Clinging to them in the face of opposition, doubt and despair.

But what is a dream if you don’t chase it? And how do dreams materialize, except through sweat and tears? You can tell me you have dream. But unless you prove it by taking the next step, you’re wasting your breath.

The world is for dreamers, indeed. But only those dreamers who rise up and do.

Action silences naysayers.

2 thoughts on “Dreams Are Useless

  1. Agreed! I believe dreams have their value in that without them, you have nothing to strive for. But most people are afraid of pursuing their dreams and so they never come to pass. Turning those dreams into concrete goals, and then taking even small steps toward those goals is the way to achieve your dreams.


    • Great point! Fear so often keeps us even trying to reach our goals. It’s that invisible barrier in front of us, that we’re convinced is made of glass. Only when we step past it do we realize it was never really there in the first place. [Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!]


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