Set Your Compass

Human beings are wanderers at heart. From physical treks to distant locales, to challenging experiences that force us to grow, we are journey makers at heart. But how do we craft a journey that matters? One that gets us where we want to go, or at least somewhere that we know intrinsically matters?

That’s where a compass comes in. This little gadget doesn’t tell us where to go. It demonstrates which way we’re already going. With a compass in hand, we can orient ourselves within our surroundings and make smart decisions about where to walk next.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could buy a compass for the journey of life? As it turns out, we do. By discovering our own personal purpose, and aligning our actions toward it, we can make sure the journey matters . . . even if we don’t quite end up where we expect.

Life is short. Our compass awaits. Isn’t it about time we lived on purpose?

What do you think?

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